How to Avoid Foreclosure Auction in CA

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What is a Foreclosure Auction?

If you are in a position where you cannot afford your home you will want to avoid foreclosure auction. This is a legal process that can be utilized by those who hold a loan against your home. With a foreclosure auction the lender will not be allowed to make a profit from the sale. The property is being sold through a foreclosure auction so the lender can get back his money. If there is any profit about this then it goes to the homeowner. Most often the lender will let the house go for the balance owed on the home loan.

Why You Want to Avoid Foreclosure Auction

why to avoid foreclosure auction

No matter how much you owe on your home you would still like to come out with some money from its sale. When you take the right steps to avoid a foreclosure auction you have a good chance of doing this. With a foreclosure auction you don’t have any control over the sale . You will not have any decision making powers when it comes to the price the house is sold for. Then there is the embarrassment that comes with having your home sold this way. A good reason to avoid foreclosure auction is that it will affect your credit rating.

Of course this is a distressing time for you. You are most likely in difficult financial circumstances. The thought of losing your home is devastating. There is some good news though. That is that there are some tips to stop foreclosure fast.

Ways to Stop Foreclosure Immediately

One of the ways to stop foreclosure immediately is to go for a foreclosure sale date extension.

What is a Foreclosure Sale Date Extension?

avoid foreclosure auction date

This is one method that can be used among the foreclosure delay tactics. The laws regarding foreclosure sales differ in each state. In some cases you may be able to get a sale date extension if you are taking steps to attempt to modify the loan. Or, if you have a sale pending. Although recently in some areas there is no option for postponement. Then in other cases this has to be done in a set number of days. The thing to remember when it comes to tips to stop foreclosure fast is that every day counts. This is not something that you can just sit on and hope for the best.

Foreclosure Delay Tactics

If you are asking yourself how can I save my house from auction then you have to understand what foreclosure delay tactics may be available to you.

Recognize the signs

One of the better tips to stop foreclosure fast is to immediately recognize that you may be in financial difficulties. Determine whether this is going to affect your ability to keep up with your house loan.  Take immediate steps to sell your house while you are still in control.

Look for Technicalities

avoid foreclosure auction by finding technicalities

You may  be able to buy yourself some time if there are irregularities in the mortgage documents. It make take some time for the lender to produce this for you. This is only a delay tactic and in most cases will not stop the inevitable foreclosure. That is if you have not taken advantage of some of your other options.

Count on Delays

It takes time for the foreclosure process to be completed. In some states this goes quicker than others. You need to fill out the required paperwork. You are given a certain amount of time to do this. Wait till the absolute deadline for this.

Raising Arguments

You can do some careful research. See if there are any arguments you can raise as to why a foreclosure auction should not transpire. At the very least this is probably another stall tactic and it will only work for a short period of time.

Consider Bankruptcy

avoid foreclosure auction with bankruptcy

If you are just looking for more time to stay in your home to delay the foreclosure auction this may be a solution. It will not allow you to keep your home unless some type of agreement can be worked out. It will also affect your credit rating, but then again so with a foreclosure auction.

Your Options

Another one of the tips to stop foreclosure fast is to look at your options. There are differ ways that you can go about selling your house. Consider these before you have to think about how to save my house from auction.

  • You can try to sell the house yourself
  • Using professionals to sell your house is another option
  • A great alternative is to sell your house for cash

Avoid Foreclosure Auction with a Cash Sale

avoid foreclosure auction with cash buyers

When you are looking at selling your home in order to avoid foreclosure auction you need a quick sale. Attempting to sell your home yourself can take too much time. Selling through an agent may be quicker. You may still have a long closing date. This will not work well in trying to avoid foreclosure auction processes.

The best solution is to be able to sell your home quickly and get immediate cash to satisfy your home creditor. Plus, most likely have money left over from the sale. This of course will depend on your financial circumstances and how much you owe on the home.

Selling your home for cash work well to avoid foreclosure auction. It is the least stressful way to sell a home. If your house is sold at auction it is only going to sell for the amount that is left owing to the credit. If you sell your house for cash you are in control of the sale price.

The cash sale is a quick and simple procedure. This is the first option you should strongly consider. Do this as soon as you know that you are at risk for foreclosure auction. You will feel that you are in control because it is your decision. You will be able to plan for your future. as You will have a clear understanding of your closing date. This can be quick in order to avoid the foreclosure.

Want to Avoid Foreclosure Auction?

avoid foreclosure auction with our help

We understand that facing foreclosure is a scary and stressful time for you. That’s why we’re here to answer any questions you might have about the foreclosure process. At Roddy Offers Buys Houses, we’re here to help you. Ready to sell, or just have a question? Give us a call at 469-406-6961. We’ll give you a no obligations cash offer to help you stop foreclosure in its tracks!

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