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5 Tips to Stop Foreclosure Fast in CA

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Just the term, foreclosure brings up feelings of fear and dread. No one wants to lose their house. You may have already heard the term, or you may fear hearing it soon as you’ve fallen behind on mortgage payments.

Options to Sell Your House Fast When Facing Foreclosure

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This article will help you break down and explain all questions you might have about how to sell your house fast when facing foreclosure.

Inheriting a House in Sacramento, CA

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While you’ve gained a new property that can drastically improve your standard of living, you’ve also lost a loved one. Making decisions while you’re grieving can seem impossible.

How Can I Save My House from Foreclosure in Sacramento

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Foreclosure is a legal process that a lending institution or mortgage company obtains ownership of your home, in other words, a repossession of the property.

Problems With Using Bankruptcy to Stop Foreclosure in CA

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Many homeowners feel powerless when their bank sends them a Notice of Default and might consider filing bankruptcy to stop foreclosure on their house.